September 24, 2019 | Karlo Guiang, Ella Chan, Sophia Jarobel, and Jacob Juinio

Last September 16, 2019, the Ateneo Management Information Systems Association conducted the annual General Assembly at the Leong Hall Roofdeck.  Each and every year, this is conducted by the organization to welcome both the old and new members of MISA and introduce the different clusters and events that are in store for the next 10 months.  What better way to encompass the spirit of camaraderie and bonding than with this year’s GA theme of Camping? The General Assembly 2019’s core team was spearheaded by Justin Tañeca, your Project Director for this year.  Shoutout to Booky for co-presenting this year’s GA!

The event started with an opening prayer, led by this year’s Deputy Project Director, Hope Elize Due, and was followed with the opening remarks by Keith Paulo Bartido, Vice President for Human Resources.  What came next was the icebreaker dubbed as, “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pera!” The premise of the game was that participating members each needed to bring out five pesos, which will serve as their “bet”. They had to face other members of the organization and if they lost, they had to support the winning person by giving them their P5 coin. On the other hand, should they win, they would continue to face the other winning members until it goes down to the last man standing. To say the sight of two huge lines of people crowding around the final two “leaders” in an all or nothing round of Rock Paper Scissors was exciting is an amusing understatement. In the end, Carlos Miguel Constantino won the entire pot after a surprisingly intense match, defeating his final opponent in a best-of-three.


After the long but fun icebreaker, the clusters of MISA were presented and introduced, each with their own creative videos to better showcase both their personal cultures and more importantly what they’re all about.  The Office of the Secretary-General, Office of the Executive Treasurer, Communications Cluster, eServices Cluster, Events Cluster, and the Human Resources Cluster were all given the chance to invite the members of the organization to be part of their clusters since after the GA will come the second wave of officer applications.  After each cluster presented, a Quiz Bee was conducted in order to check whether the members were paying attention to the talks and to make them more engaged in the cluster presentations.

Next in line was Alfonso Dolina, the Science and Technology Cluster Head of the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo (COA).  He introduced COA and its activities as part of welcoming the members, especially the freshmen, into the Ateneo organization life.  The last speaker for the set was Carl Cham, the current MISA President, who welcomed the new and returning members of the organization.

For the second half of the event, the game “Drawing Relay” was conducted.  The participants were split into 12 teams: Apex, Badger, Ember, Falcon, Griffin, Leo, Orion, Sierra, Tempest, Vista, Waypoint, Zenith – camping terminologies.  The goal of the game is for the last person in line to guess or answer correctly the given word to the first player in line. The team who guessed the object correctly will win a point.  This game was composed of 3 rounds, and the first team to have gotten 2 points would win each round. At the end of the three rounds, Tempest, Leo, and Apex were the only standing teams and three words were needed to determine the champion.  In the end, Tempest outlasted Leo and Apex, both of which were tied in second place.

The event was capped off with the closing remarks by the Project Director, Justin Tañeca, and closing prayer by Arvin Almario, this year’s GA host, who was definitely loved by the crowd all throughout the event.  But the fun did not stop there as the photo opportunity was conducted and the long-awaited food was distributed.

The Ateneo MISA General Assembly gave the old and new members a chance to bond together around the campfire, not only as co-members and acquaintances, but also as a family.  With the activities and events prepared by the MISA this year, the organization and its people are bound to grow and be guided by the organization’s core values of excellence, servant leadership, and professionalism.


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