HEX 2019: Escalate

February 12, 2019 | Kiana Castro and Tanzell Go

Hex: Escalate is an event hosted by the Ateneo Management Information Systems Association (MISA), held in the months of February to April in the Ateneo de Manila University Campus. It contains a series of talks aimed to equip IT and business aspiring Ateneo students with the proper skills and knowledge in order to become competent professionals who will make an impact in our society. To further elaborate, this event contains valuable insights from what tracks or specializations ADMU offers to much-sought advice on job interviews and resume building perfect for anyone taking to their baby-steps to a fruitful career.


To start off the series, Hex will begin with a talk on Resume Writing. Building resumes can be a daunting task. This talk aims to help students learn the proper ways to construct their resumes. Part of the topics to be discussed are the common mistakes that candidates make in their resumes and how to avoid committing such mistakes. Insights on what companies look for are also given to students.


However, having only the knowledge of writing a good resume is not enough to impress the companies that the soon-to-be professionals yearn to work for. The second talk of Hex will be an Interview Simulation. This talk will help students to anticipate what job interviewers usually expect out of an interview session. The Do’s and Don’ts of a job interview will be made to known to them, as well as the proper ethics that should be observed when doing an interview.


But, how do students know what to sign up for when applying for a job? Specializations and electives come in handy in narrowing out a student’s skills and interests in what kind of job do they want to have in the future. The third talk of Hex gives a background of the different minors or specializations that Ateneo offers for its students, namely the minors/specializations in Enterprise Systems, Data Science and Analytics, and Interactive Multimedia.


In order to equip the students with the proper skills and knowledge for their chosen professions, there are two major year-long projects for Management Information System (MIS) students. First is the Systems Analysis and Design (SAD) to be taken during a student’s third year in college, and the Project Management (PM) to be taken during a student’s fourth year in college. The fourth and last talk of Hex: Escalate would be discussing what would happen when doing the SAD and PM, especially the tips and tricks in acing the projects.


The life during and after college is one of the most life-changing of a student’s life. It is important to have knowledge about the decisions that they have to make before entering the real world, and to be prepared for what’s about to happen in the next few years of their lives. Hex: Escalate is sure to lay the groundwork of a student’s future.

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