IM SUMMIT 2019: Limitless

April 13, 2019 | Karlo Guiang

IM SUMMIT: Limitless, the flagship program of the Ateneo Management Information Systems Association, is a two-day event that intends to showcase how efficient information technology and management can be used to solve modern business and organizational problems. It was held last March 23 and 30, 2019 at Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City. The event constituted of a day of talks and workshops and a case study competition that brings the best and brightest college students in the country to solve real world problems with technological solutions.

The event aimed to promote the relevance and importance of information technology and management in achieving social transformation and nation-building, that is, to raise awareness to other applications in different fields such as life sciences, business, engineering, among others.

65 college students from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila formed 16 teams that do not only aim to win the business competition and bring home the prize, but also to learn the strategies to solve a given system problem. The teams were tasked to provide a solution to the given problem that has the following details: the limits and exclusions, technical and functional requirements, and the total costing of the proposed solution.


MARCH 23, 2019

Day one was filled with talks and workshops by Unilever and Accenture that was kicked off with the revelation of the case provided by Unilever Philippines, the main sponsor of the event. The case was to create an end-to-end process or system on how to maximize the ice cream vendors on the street, giving them the accessibility on the reports forwarded by offices and easing the process for them to send feedback and inventory. The talks and workshops focused on the business strategy and information technology alignment and building a business case for information technology projects, IT project scope, and the introduction to the new technologies for enterprises.

The teams were then given one whole week to provide solutions to the given case which will be pitched to the panel of judges the next Saturday, March 30, 2019.

MARCH 30, 2019

The atmosphere of the second half of the event was more serious since that day was the competition proper. The teams were held in Faura AVR as they wait for their respective turns in presenting in their respective rooms which houses two judges.

When all teams were done presenting their works, the judges deliberated and determined the Top 5 standouts that will re-pitch their solutions to all judges, participants and audience. The teams that made it to the Top 5: Shift, Blkbl, IMTired, GGWP Squad and Team 7.

After the Top 5 re-presented their solutions, the podium finishers were announced.

In third place, bringing home five thousand pesos, was team Blkbl from Ateneo de Manila University, composed of Bianca Bravo, Shania Felizarta, and Georgina Ti. They proposed a mobile application that will be used by the vendors to forward the offices their inventory reports and feedback and also for the offices to forward their announcements.

Coming in second and awarded ten thousand pesos was Team 7, with Alex Filart, Casey Bandiola, Ivan Duque, and Nico Ataiza being the members. Their solution was centered on building an online application, dubbed as SelectApp, using Microsoft OneDrive through SharePoint to PowerBI.

Bringing home the crown, the twenty thousand pesos and the first-place label are Luigi Alcañeses, Julia Ocoma, and JV Afable from the GGWP Squad. They proposed the Selya Selecta, a Facebook Messenger chatbox, that is ready to accept feedback and reports that are to be sent by front liners and receive updates from the offices.

True to its name, the event was capped off in celebration of the limitless ideas and ways IT-equipped minds can provide to different problems and situations.

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