MISA and Friends: Tambay Week 2018

December 20, 2018 | Jehann Tan

On the week of November 26-29, 2018, a constant stream of laughter whelmed the pavilion, cheers hounded the ears of players on the console booths, and applause flooded the open-spaced area. It was hard to miss the noise of amusement created by MISAns in that week. So much that two warnings were given by the OSA—which were perhaps proof that MISAns had nothing short of fun from Tambay Week 2018. Members of the organization were given the opportunity to bond and relax for an entire week at the Colayco Pavillion.


Stripe Monday

A Tekken 7 tournament was held during the first day at 10:00am to 12:00pm. This went on smoothly with Luigi Neri winning the number one spot. Although students were generally busy on the first day of the week, the event unexpectedly gathered a large sum of students. The PlayStation booths were constantly filled with players, and the cards and board games were always used. Towards the end of the day, the students did not want to leave therefore the core team did what had to be done—ask them to leave. It was our indicator that the first day was a success!


Denim Tuesday

On the second day, the MISA tradition was passed on at 11:00am to 12:00pm. Two representatives from every year were given the opportunity to finish two whole boxes of pizza. The sophomores won this tournament. The same set of occurrences from the previous day happened. The number of attendees presented success once again.


Pink Wednesday

During the middle of the week, it was as if everyone had a designated area in the pavilion. A large sum of students gathered the area to play, eat, and sleep. Barkadas and blocks began to come together to meet. So much so, project meetings may have also been held here. The activity held on Wednesday was minute to win it which consists of three minigames: noodling around, nose dive, and face the cookie. MISAns from different blocks competed against each other.


Grunge Thursday

Surprisingly, the numbers have not died down. At the last day, members of MISA were still attending the week-long festivities. Just like the Tekken tournament, a competitive NBA 2K19 showdown was held where Miguel Emmanuel emerged as the winner. Come late afternoon, free ice cream was enjoyed by the MISAns.

At the end of the day, the culminating night commenced. Two sets of performers from MISA Musika provided entertainment with MISAyaw as the finale. A karaoke night was done to properly end the week. Regardless of year level, everyone sang a bunch of 90s songs to the top of their lungs.



Sponsored by Tiara by Kiara, MISA and Friends: Tambay Week 2018 was without a doubt one for the books. It served as an avenue specifically designed for building connections and relationships with one another and so much more. This event may have been the foundation of friendships that will last a lifetime. “Forget the Rlab, everyone’s at Colayco!”


Photos by Grace Lim, Zeilord Wee Ebol

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