February 28, 2020 | Gavin Dingcong

MIS undergraduates and alumni came together for a night of good eats and fun times last January 25, 2020 in Ateneo MISA’s Networking Night event.  Titled “Nexus”, the event promised talks and interactive activities which served to inspire and inform the participants, as well as highlight some of the exciting opportunities that await MIS students after graduation. 


Abigail Chua, Networking Night’s Project Director, kicked off the evening’s events by reiterating Networking Night’s goal to enable people to connect and share experiences with one another.  She commented that Nexus was envisioned to be a stepping stone from which meaningful (and maybe even lifelong) relationships would be formed, whether these relationships may be within the workplace or outside of it.


Following Abby was a sharing from Hans Dytian, MISA’s current Vice President for Marketing.  Hans reflected on his previous experience as an attendee for an event similar to Nexus.  He also discussed how bringing a networking event to MISA would greatly benefit not just the organization, but anyone who would participate in the event.  Jal de Vera, program director for the MIS course, also touched on similar topics during his short speech.

After the opening remarks, a game was played which determined the order which table got to the buffet area first.  Networking Night’s participants were treated to sumptuous food from One Cafe’s in-house catering service.

Attendees spent dinner time talking to each other and sharing stories and experiences.  Representatives from ABS-CBN, Cynder, and Magic also gave short presentations after dinner, briefly discussing the opportunities available in their respective companies.


Ella Chan, Deputy Project Director for Nexus, concluded the evening by thanking those who attended the event.  The core team for Networking Night was also acknowledged for their hard work. All the attendees got to take home souvenirs and fun memories, with Nexus making good on its promise to be a night of exciting activities and talks.  With the event having formally ended, some opted to stay a while, take pictures, and dance it out with friends. 

Once again, this event wouldn’t have been possible without those who supported Nexus the core team, the sponsors, and even the participants of the event itself.  Thank you for coming together and networking with us. 

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