TAMBAY WEEK 2019: Sims

December 21, 2019 | Justin Tañeca, Arvin Enriquez, and Austin Tan

Sul sul!  It seemed like the calm before the storm as the next coming weeks were surely to be filled with heavy requirements for us students. Our fellow members fortunately got the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy their time as the organization kicked off its annual Tambay Week on November 25-29 in Colayco Pavilion! 






Each day, the venue was always filled with our members, which presents a great success indicator! Well, it couldn’t be helped as Tambay Week has always been one of the most anticipated events during the hectic school year. 

For the first time ever in MISA history, the Tambay Week’s amenities included everything that can cater to all types of people, such as video games, board games, eating contests, and sports, so they can unwind from the stress of academic life in the Ateneo.



It’s no surprise that the video game area was always packed with people!  During the entire duration of Tambay Week MISAns could always be seen clumping around the far end of Colayco, eagerly awaiting their chance to showcase their skills in consoles such as the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.  From Tekken 7 bouts to intense 1v1s in Super Smash Ultimate, using tournament rules, MISAns definitely had the opportunity to not only get bragging rights, but to impart experience and strategies as well as the opportunity to create new friendships.




On the other hand, the MISAns also enjoyed playing different board games and activities with their friends.  You could never go wrong with playing a round of UNO, or a stack of Jenga blocks with a hint of truth or dare.  Moreover, the members also had fun secretly lying to each other as they played many rounds of Secret Hitler.




Sports were also a great part of Tambay Week this year as our members could play table tennis with a set up ping pong table in the middle!  In that same week, the MISAns gathered in the covered courts from 5:00PM onwards for the org’s sports arm, MISA Balls! Many gathered in support of their batchmates for the badminton competitions and basketball sportsfest, while some others decided to mingle and play in the open courts.




Pizza-Eating Contest

A renowned MISA tradition remains strong and unforgotten as during the Thursday of Tambay Week, from 11:00AM onwards, a pizza-eating contest was held and participants from different levels gathered to compete.  Krausse Lagula and Olin Paurom came in 1st place and was proclaimed the winner of this contest. Congrats, Krausse and Olin!





Fire Noodles Challenge

On the last day of Tambay Week, the MISAns mixed it up as from 11:00AM onwards commenced a fire noodles-eating challenge!  Participants competed to see who could eat the most samyang noodles the fastest. Marc Yao came in 1st place and was proclaimed the winner of this contest.  Congrats, Marc!







Sponsored by Cream Silk, BridgeMeri Corporation, Nextprime Ventures Inc., Kyowa, and Anytime Fitness, this year’s Tambay Week was a massive success indeed!  Not only were the MISAns able to lay back for a while amidst the hell weeks, they also had a blast as the event was concluded with a culminating night which was held outside the Ateneo for the first time!  




Relive the Tambay Week by going to the link below for more photos by Bea Sison, Rein Colle, and Joseph Sta. Maria!


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